Welcome to the official website for the Sol Mountain Band. Hailing from parts asunder converging in Philipsburg, MT this dynamic group of musical souls revel in making music together. An unlikely and fortunate turn of events brought together Sally Ladd, Pfahl, Cotton and Phyllis Erck in a tiny ski community in the heart of the Pintler Mountains in Western Montana.


The Sol Mountain Band was founded in 2019, when Sally Ladd decided to start performing again after some years child making hiatus. Sally & Phyllis Erck met through mutual musical friends and their voices joined into an apex of glory. Pfahl magically appeared as if from heaven and provided his soulful beat and impeccable ear for dialing in the sound. Cotton was hanging around singing harmony and wanting to play his trumpet when Phyllis stuck the neck of a double bass in his hand said “how about you learn to play this?”. That was all it took and a band was born.

Phyllis Erck, dobro & vocals

You’re in for a feast of varied courses when you come out to hear this band perform. From poignant originals with local familiarity to standards from genre’s as diverse as Etta James and Bill Monroe this band will have you smiling and tapping your toes right along with them from the first downbeat to the final encore.